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Bird Feeders make great 

Christmas gifts for teachers, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, friends or any other special person.



Tire Bird Feeders

and Bird Baths

Bird FeedersTM copyright 1998 

Recycled Tire Bird BathsTM copyright 1998

Tire Bird Feeders, Tire Bird Baths and our Bird Feeder/Bird Bath Combinations are original designs by Lauri Hall.


They a big hit with birds of all kinds and sizes.

 These birdfeeders and birdbaths are made to look like flowers and are done in bright garden colors. The feeders have screen in the bottom so they drain and the baths have removable bowls for easy filling and cleaning. We make them in all colors and color combinations.





The Bird Feeder/Bath Combination TM copyright 1998 

is the feeder and birdbath hooked together so that it will fit in small spaces.   

Bird Feeders in all colors and available in one size at the price of $15. Please list color or color combinations when placing order or you can email the color or color combos to us at

These feeders are made with used tires and some flaws may occur.

Proudly Made in the USA by Joe and Lauri Hall 




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Small Pumpkin Pot $25.00 Pumpkin shaped flower pot

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Medium Tulip Flower Planter $30.00 Flower planter in the shape of a flower.

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Large Tulip Flower Planter $35.00 Large Flower Planter in the shape of a flower approx. 16 inches across top and approx. 12 inches deep according to tire profile. Flower pots with wheels are not available at this time. Price is for flower pot without wheel.                   

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Small Tulip Flower Planter $25.00 A Tire cut in the shape of a flower.  

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Santa Flower Pot $25.00 Santa Flower Pot

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Rocky Rooster in black with white $50.00 flower planter in shape of rooster in black with white spots.Available in large and small sizes. Shown in picture is large,

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Pink Flamingo Hanging Planter $50.00 Pink Flamingo hanging planter

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Deer Tire Swing $69.00 A tire swing made to look like a deer. Antlers are made from a tire.

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Retread Thoroughbred $69.00 Horse tire Swing

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